About Us

Out Story

Thanks to technology, the barriers that once prevented musicians from being discovered no longer exist. Anyone, anywhere can record their music and instantly share it with the world. Unfortunately, this new freedom hasn’t extended to the area of live music. Although social media has allowed musicians to promote themselves and build their following online, its proven to be an unreliable indicator of future ticket sales. Venue owners remain reluctant to take a financial risk on lesser-known artists who don’t have an established track record - but newer artists can’t establish a track record without first playing live! The ability to get booked often comes down to who you know or just plain luck. So while venues, artists and their fans share a common goal - a great night of live music - uncertainty remains a barrier to achieving that goal.

That’s why we created Storm the Stage, a platform that removes that uncertainty by enabling venues to create real-time competitions between musicians who want to play live. Storm the Stage allows artists to determine their own success in the live music space, while developing a closer relationship to their fans. And venue owners who use Storm the Stage can now support lesser-known artists without the financial risk. It’s a win for everyone involved and we’re working hard to ensure that every venue, fan and up-and-coming artist will find Storm the Stage to be useful, exciting and fun.

Who We Are

We’re a team of music industry veterans and technology experts who are passionate about the live music experience.

Our goal is to revolutionize how performances are produced and consumed at the local level, by providing a unique platform where musicians, fans and venues interact in real time to create successful live events.

We’re based out of Chicago, Illinois, home of the blues, house music and drill.