Frequently Asked Questions

What is Storm the Stage?

Storm the Stage is a platform that reduces risk for concert promoters while giving artists an opportunity to perform at some of the best venues in the world. Artists compete for a chance to play live. Fans decide who plays and who stays home.

How does it work?

Participating venues make a date available for a Storm the Stage competition. Artists can then join the competition and compete for a chance to play live on that date. Fans purchase a ticket to see their favorite band perform. When the competition ends, the three artists with the most tickets sold get to play the gig.

How do artists compete?

An artist reaches out to fans, asking for them to show their support by purchasing a ticket to see the artist play live. The three artists who sell the most tickets in a fixed amount of time get to perform live.

How do I purchase a ticket to see an artist that I support?

Go to the homepage to search for the artist you support. When an artist is currently involved in a competition, the leaderboard for that competition appears on their page. Simply click on the “purchase” button to buy a ticket to see that artist.

What if I a purchased a ticket but the artist I was supporting isn’t in the top 3?

If your artist doesn’t sell enough tickets by the end of the competition your money is fully refunded to you automatically. There is no fee to you for the refund.

How do you keep track of how well each artist is competing?

When an artist joins a competition their status is tracked on a leaderboard. The leaderboard shows how well each artist is doing, and how many tickets are devoted to each artist.

How does a competition end?

Every competition has a start time and an end time. The three artists with the most tickets when the timer runs out win the three slots that will make up the event. A competition can also end when the venue’s capacity has been reached, when the top three artists have a combined number of sold tickets equal to the venue’s capacity

What happens when the band I’m supporting wins?

When the artist you are supporting wins one of the slots for the Storm the Stage gig, your ticket becomes a ticket to the event. You will be notified of this transaction as soon as the competition ends and the lineup is confirmed. If the artist you were supporting did not sell enough tickets when the competition ends, your credit card charge will be refunded and you will not receive a ticket. However, you can still buy a ticket to the confirmed event by going directly to the competition page of the event.

How do I get my tickets?

You will receive your tickets via email.

What if the event is cancelled?

If a confirmed event is cancelled we'll contact you and issue a refund automatically, including all fees.

What if the event is rescheduled?

If an event is rescheduled we'll contact you with the new date and time ASAP. If you can’t make the new date please contact the venue/promoter directly as refunds are at the artist, venue, or promoter’s discretion.

Why did you create Storm the Stage?

There are millions of great up-and-coming artists looking for a chance to play live. Unfortunately, because there are so many great artists out there, it can be close to impossible to get noticed by a venue or promoter, even if you’re an artist with a rabid fan base. Storm the Stage solves this problem by providing a way for artists to play live based solely on their own efforts.


How do I join a competition?

First log-in using the username and password you created for your “artist” profile. Once you have logged in click the “competitions” link at the top of the page. The competitions page shows you all of the current competitions taking place on Storm the Stage. Click on the competition that you would like to join. When the competition page opens simply click the “join” button. You’re now competing!

How do I create a profile for my band?

Click “Sign-Up”. You’ll find several types of profiles that you can create. Choose “Artist” if you are a solo artist or “Band” if you are a member of a band. If you are a band you can allow several members to administer your band’s profile page.

How do I let my fans know that I’m competing to play live?

Once you’ve joined a competition, you’ll be sent a unique url that you can share with your fans. The url will send your fans directly to your profile on the competition page, where they can then purchase a ticket to see you play live.

How can I keep up on how my band is doing?

Once you’ve joined a competition the leader board will appear on your artist page. You can see how you’re doing in relation to all the other artists competing.

Can I enter multiple competitions?

You can, but we would recommend against it. Your band will be competing against other artists and their fans for a chance to play a gig at some of the premier venues in the country. Artists who are the most effective at promoting themselves and rallying their fans to spread the word will have a better chance at winning than artists who spread themselves too thin.

What are my responsibilities once I’ve joined a competition?

By joining a competition you are committing that if you win and become part of the lineup, that you will perform at the allotted time, on that competition date, for the listed guarantee.

My band competes but never wins, what can I do?

Storm the Stage promotes collaboration between artists and their fans. Success comes when artists and their supporters work together. While an artist is the driving force behind promoting themselves, fans can and should be working to promote the band as well.


How do I create a profile for my venue?

Click “Sign-Up”. You’ll find several types of profiles that you can create. If you are a venue owner you can create a profile for your venue by clicking the “venues” button. Once you’ve created a venue profile you can create Storm the Stage events where artists compete to play live at your venue.

How do I create a storm the stage event?

First Log-in to your Venue account then click the “competitions” button. On the “competitions” page you fill in the basic details about the event, like date, time, ticket price, etc. Once your competition has been created artists can join and begin competing to play the event.

Can I change details of the event once its gone live?

No. Once the event has gone live artists begin joining and competing to play live. They actively begin promoting themselves and the event. Any changes to the event details would derail the effectiveness of the competition.

An artist has joined the competition that’s previously been banned.

As part of the agreement to join a Storm the Stage competition artists agree that the venue can remove them from the competition at their discretion if such removal is warranted.

Why did the competition page change?

Competitions end one week prior to the actual show date. When that happens and the lineup for the date is now confirmed, fans can now purchase a ticket to see the final lineup.

Why three artists and how do you determine who plays when?

The majority of live music performances are made up of an opening act, a supporting act and a headliner. The order for the evening is determined by which artist sold the most tickets when the competition ended. The artist with the most tickets sold headlines, the artist with the third most tickets opens the show.

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